To provide society with world-class competitive professional in Biomedical Engineering by making the Department as the best through its faculty and graduates, which is a driving force in creating engineering knowledge and novel Biomedical Technology that improve the human condition through advancement of health care and Biomedical Sciences, among the top most (top-5) in India.


The primary mission of the BME department is to educate students to understand the human body as an integrated system through quantitative engineering analysis and to use that understanding to design better therapeutic strategies, devices, and diagnostics. A mission of nearly equal importance is to serve society by conducting research that develops quantitative linkages across scales in the human body and uses that development to build new tools to improve human health. It also includes the following points: Institute-Industries collaborative activities on real life problem-solution approach. Serve our wider constituencies by offering our expertise to other health-related professionals, industries, and state and local communities. Building World-Class infrastructure for cutting-edge technology research in Health care science. Collaborative research with Pioneers of Biomedical Engineering Societies across the Globe. Built some specialised Centre of Excellence for conducting research on Future Health Care Sciences and Technologies.

Bio Medical Engineering