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  Public & Media Relations Cell (PMRC)

The Public & Media Relations Cell (PMRC) at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur, established on 22nd September, 2013, stands as a beacon of connectivity and visibility for the institution. Charged with the crucial task of bridging the gap between the institute and external entities, PMRC serves as the primary liaison with corporates, media houses, and other educational institutions. PMRC operates with a clear mission: to cultivate and manage professional relationships while enhancing NIT Raipur's visibility on regional, national, and international platforms.

At the heart of PMRC's operations lies a diverse range of responsibilities. From the strategic management of social media platforms to orchestrating promotional campaigns for institute events, PMRC ensures that the accomplishments and initiatives of NIT Raipur receive the recognition they deserve. The team consisting of 50+ members comprising of various domains such as content editing, photography, video editing, and graphic designing work together and meticulously coordinates with esteemed publications and media outlets to secure comprehensive coverage of institute events, amplifying the institute's reach and impact.

PMRC is also responsible for the editing of the official Quarterly newsletter of the institute,
Mirror. (

One of PMRC's standout features is its dedicated team of faculty members. Under the able guidance of our chairperson, Dr. Narendra D. Londhe, Professor, Electrical Engineering, and supported by a dedicated team of faculty members, including:

who bring their expertise from various departments to the table. Together, they work tirelessly to uphold NIT Raipur's reputation as a center of academic excellence and innovation.

Moreover, the efficient support provided by our office coordinator ensures the seamless orchestration of operations, facilitating a harmonious synergy between vision and execution.

Yet, PMRC's significance transcends mere functionality—it embodies a spirit of collaboration and innovation, a beacon of inspiration for all who tread the halls of NIT Raipur. Through its tireless efforts, PMRC not only amplifies the institute's visibility but also fosters a culture of engagement and connectivity, uniting minds and hearts in pursuit of a shared vision.

In essence, PMRC serves as the beating heart of NIT Raipur, pulsating with the rhythm of progress and possibility. As the institute marches steadfastly towards a future imbued with promise, PMRC stands as a steadfast guardian, illuminating pathways and forging bonds that endure the test of time.

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