To contribute to society and the country through excellence in Scientific and Technical education and research; to serve as a mainstay in supporting research and projects of the country and cooperation and participation with the other Physics departments of region and national laboratories to support the progress of the country


The mission of the department is to teach and learn physics in a collaborative, performance-based community and to provide the tools and skills to assist all community members to be contributors to society by solving problems and advancing our knowledge of the Universe. To provide quality Scientific and Technical education, training, innovation and creativity in the areas of Pure and Applied Physics. To generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate and doctoral programmes. To identify, based on an informed perception of Indian, regional and global needs, areas of specialization upon which the department can concentrate. The mission of the department is to research through theoretical and experimental methods, the fundamental constituents of the universe and to examine the laws which govern their interactions, top-level training in physics being integrated with the current research, having the purpose to prepare students in facing the challenges of contemporary science, technological and economic development, and also education to younger generations. synergic combination of teaching and research by promoting excellence in technical education and scientific research through effective use of Physics in real-time engineering problems as engineering is applied physics. To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and good human beings can emerge in a range of professions.