Moksha   Singh

Department Humanities & Social Sciences
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification PhD (IIT Kanpur)
Contact Number 9977958789
Areas of Interest
  • Social change and mobility
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Singh M. 2023. Armed conflict, children and institution based rehabilitation - who decides?: A qualitative study on decision making capabilities of children in residential care in the state of Chhattisgarh in India. Residential Treatment for Children & Youth.
  • Kumar R, Tarai S, Singh M. 2023. Conceptualizing the Issues Related to the Mob Lynching of Women in India: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Media Corpus and Discourse. Asian Women 39(1): 89-112.
  •  Savekar A, Tarai S, Singh M. 2022. Structural and functional markers of language signify the symptomatic effect of depression: A systematic literature review. European Journal for Applied Linguistics.
  • Alam M & Singh M. 2022. Understanding identity, education and multi-religiosity among the Nat tribe of Paschim Champaran in India. Contemporary Voice of Dalit. 10.1177/2455328X211069494
  • Alam M & Singh M. 2021. A sociological analysis of religion and caste among the Nat Muslims in India. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 25(2): 772-791. 
  • Savekar A, Tarai S & Singh M and Kumar R. 2021. Impact of prosocial and positive emotional languages of teacher on habits of students: some quantitative empirical evidence. Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies 17(1): 50-68.  
  • Singh M. 2019. Hearing children’s voices: A study of Jammu & Kashmir state. In S. Gankidi (Ed.). Human rights in India: prospective and retrospective. Rawat Publications: Jaipur, India. 
  • Savekar A, Tarai S & Singh M. 2019. Linguistic markers in individuals with symptoms of depression. In S. Paul, P. Bhattacharya and A. Bit (Eds.). Bi-multilingual context in early detection of neurological disorders using machine learning systems (pp. 216-240). IGI Global Publications.
  • Singh M & Jha M. 2017. The special status conundrum and the problem of rehabilitation in Jammu and Kashmir. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 8(5): 73-83.
  • Singh M & Jha M. 2016. Children's voices: conflict affected orphans in residential care in Jammu and Kashmir. Children & Society 31(1):61-71.
  • Yousaf A, Singh M & Gupta A. 2016. Exploring inter-linkages between cultural intelligence and student satisfaction. In R. Cintron, C.S. Jeanne, M.H. Janice (Eds.). Accelerated opportunity education models and practices (pp. 121-140). IGI Global Publications: PA.
  • Singh M & Jha M. 2015. International Humanitarian Law and the Kashmir crisis. Indian Journal of Human Rights and the Law 12(1): 1-11.  


Other Info.


  1. Introduction to Sociology (Open Elective; B.Tech. Semester V)
  2. Industrial Sociology and Social Change (Open Elective; B.Tech. Semester VI)
  3. Human Rights & Human Values (Open Elective; B.Tech. Semester VII)



  • One Day Workshop on The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)Act 2013. December 6, 2022. NIT Raipur.
  • Seminar on Rights of the Women with Disabilities: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward. September 17-18, 2022. NIT Raipur.
  • Webinar on Mental Health and Quality of Life of Married Working Women in India. Sponsored by the National Commission for Women, India. December 5, 2020. NIT Raipur.
  •  Short Term Training Program on Women in Technology: Employment and Life Skills. May 11-15, 2019. NIT Raipur.
  •  National Conference on Health Communication. August 11, 2019. NIT Raipur.
  • National Conference on Education, Communication and Society. November 2, 2019. NIT Raipur.



  • Project Title: Prospects and Challenges in the Empowerment of the Women of the De-notified Tribes - A Study of the Natanis (Nat Tribeswomen) in Chhattisgarh (2023; ongoing); Funding Agency - National Commission for Women, Government of India 


  • Project Title: Children in conflict – a study on the rehabilitation process in Chhattisgarh (2017-2022); Funding Agency: NIT Raipur



      1. Mr. Pritish Behera

         Thesis Title: Role of social competence in vocational education   and training

      2. Mr. Anand Kumar Singh Parihar

         Thesis Title: Under-utilization of maternal and child health care     services: a case study of Tharu tribe in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh

      3. Md Moshabbir Alam

          Thesis Title: Gender, identity and religion among the Nat women: an epistemological understanding

      4. Mr. Balireddy Mohan Nikhil Teja

         Thesis Title: Border dispute and its social impact on the doubly vulnerable tribal population: a special reference to the tribes of Koita villages



  •  “Adaptability & Flexibility at Workplace,” STTP on Enhancing Personality and Employability amongst the Youth. Funded by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. 27 February, 2023. NIT Raipur.
  • “Cultural Capital & Employability,” STTP on Enhancing Personality and Employability amongst the Youth. Funded by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. 28 February, 2023. NIT Raipur.
  • “Indian Values & Ethos: Classroom Conduct and Behaviour,” ATAL sponsored FDP on AI and Data Science-Based Emerging Trends in Earth Science. 18 November, 2022. NIT Raipur.
  • “Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education,” Webinar on Transformation of Technical Education in Context of New Education Policy. 27 February, 2021. NIT Raipur.


  • Member, Cognition, Quarterly Research Newsletter, NIT Raipur (since February 2022)

  • Faculty in-charge – Corporate Communication, CDC, NIT Raipur (August 2018- June 2020)

  • Member – Intellectual Property Rights Cell, NIT Raipur (April 2017-November 2021)

  • Member – Department Research Committee, NIT Raipur (since June 2017)

  • Faculty in-charge – Nrityam, Dance Club, NIT Raipur (since 2016)