Dr. Nisha  Netam

Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification Higher Secondary (J.N.V. Borai), BE (GEC Raipur), M.Tech (IITM), Ph.D.(NITRR)
E-Mail nishane.me@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number 9479018172
Areas of Interest

Thermal Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, Two-Phase Material, Thermal Comfort



Journal Publication:

  1. Nisha Netam, Shubhashis Sanyal, Shubhankar Bhowmick, "Thermal Comfort Analysis: A Case Study of LIG Housing in Chhattisgarh" AIP Conf. Proc. 1754, 050025-1–050025 6 (2016) , Published by AIP Publishing.
  2. Nisha Netam, Shubhashis Sanyal, Shubhankar Bhowmick , ''Thermal Performance Analysis to Assess Inhabitant Comfort inside LIG houses in Chhattisgarh'' International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,Volume 12, Number 3 (2017) pp. 613-622
  3. Nisha Netam, Shubhashis Sanyal, Shubhankar Bhowmick, "A PMV-PPD model based study of thermal comfort in Low-Income Group house in Chhattisgarh" MATEC Web of Conferences 172, 06006 (2018).date:12/06/2018
  4. Prateek Kumar Sahu, Nisha Netam, Lal Chandra Shah, "Estimation of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Two-Phase Material for Hollow Circular Model" MATEC Web of Conferences 172, 02004 (2018) . date:12/06/2018
  5. Nisha Netam, Tikeshwar Kumar Sahu , "Comparative Advantage of Louver Shading Device on Window for Residential Building Located at Raipur"  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 13, Number 15 (Sep. 2018) pp. 11966-11973




  • Best paper in ICDAMS 2018, Titled “A PMV-PPD model based study of thermal comfort in Low-Income Group house in Chhattisgarh.

Other Info.
M.Tech Project Guided: 
Title Student
Estimation of effective thermal conductivity of two-phase material. G Nagender
Comparative Advantage of Louver Shading Device on Windowfor Residential Buildings Located at Raipur Tikeshwar Kumar Sahu
Estimation of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Two Phase Material for Hollow Square and Hollow Circular Cylinder Model Prateek Kumar Sahu




B.Tech Project Guided:

1 Estimation of Thermal Conductivity of Two Phase Materials
2 An approach to modeling the effective thermal conductivity of heterogeneous   material.
3 Study of EAHE for Raipur houses and effect of the different parameter.
4 Thermal comfort analysis for LIG and MIG house

Workshops and Conference Attended:

  1. 3rd International Conference on Design, Analysis,Manufacturing and Simulation (ICDAMS-2018), April 06 & 07, 2018. Saveeetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS), Chennai-602105 
  2. ICME 2015. BUET Dhaka, December 18-202015, Bangladesh.
  3. Two weeks faculty training program by NITTTR Bhopal, June 02-13, 2014. 
  4. "Physics Of Passive House Design" in MANIT Bhopal. (December 24 & 25, 2014).
  5. "Novel combustion concepts for sustainable energy development" at IIT Kanpur.  January 2-4, 2014.
  6. "Energy, Environment and Eco-friendly Buildings" organized by Jain University Bangalore.(September 19-21, 2013).
  7. Short-term training programme on “Advanced Energy Technology” in IIT Madras. (February 20-24, 2012).