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  Finance Committee

S.No. Nomination (under Section 10 of First Statutes for NITs) Name and Designation Served As
1 (i) Director, Acting Chairman (As per Statute No. 17(15) read with Section 16 of NITSER Act 2012) Chairman
2 (ii) Dr. A.M. Rawani
National Institute of Technology, Raipur
Ex-officio Member
3 (iii) Joint Secretary dealing with National Institutes of Technology or his nominee Ex-officio Member
4 (iii) Financial Advisor (Ministry of Human Resource Development) or his nominee Ex-officio Member
5 (iv) Ms. Geeta Varadan,
ADRIN, Department of Space, Hyderabad
Email id :"
(up to 19th May, 2019) (for the term of three years from the date of nomination)"
6 (iv) Dr (Mrs) F.Khan
Professor, Department of Chemistry NIT Raipur (Nominee of the Board)
Member (up to 28th Sept, 2019)
(for the period of two years from the date of nomination by the Senate)
7 (v) Registrar, National Institute of Technology Raipur Ex-officio, Member Secretary