Dr. Vivek Kumar Gaba

Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification B.E., M.E., Ph. D.
E-Mail vgaba.mech@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number 9406173242
Areas of Interest

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Non-conventional Sources of Energy, Numerical Methods.



Papers Published in International/National Journal:

  • "Orthotropy in Annular Fins: A Collacation based  Solution", Materials Today: Proceedings, Vol. 5(14), pp. 28402-407 (2018).
  • "An Experimental Investigation of the Performance of Cross-flow Hydro Turbines", Energy Procedia, Vol. 141, pp. 630–634 (2017).
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  • "Thermal performance of functionally graded parabolic annular fins having constant weight",Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, vol. 28, pp. 4309-4318 (2014).


  • Title: Small Hydro Plant Installation and Performance. Publisher: GRIN. ISBN: 9783668610576

Book Chapter:

  • Chapter Title: Temperature distribution in functionally graded longitudinal fins of varying geometry, Title of book: Hierarchical Composie Materials: Materials, Manufacturing, Engineering, Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG.
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  • Chapter Title 10: Functionally Graded Varying Geometry Annular Fins. Title of book: Design and Optimization of Mechanical Engineering Products Publisher: IGI Global.

Papers Published in International/National Conference:

  •  Comparative Analysis of Silica-gel/ Water and Zeolite/ Water Pair on Adsorption Refrigeration System, 2nd International Conference on New Frontiers in Engineering, Science & Technology, NIT Kurukshetra, 18-22 Feb, 2019.
  • Feasibility of Using Solar Trombe Wall For Heating and Ventilation in Different Indian Climatic Condition, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Climate (Solaris 2019) organized by IIT Delhi, 7th-9th Feb 2019.
  • Investigation of Heat Loss Coefficient by Using Flat Plate Collector for Different Climate Zones of India, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Climate (Solaris 2019) Organized by IIT Delhi , 7th-9th Feb 2019.
  • Design and performance analysis of a finned tube type thermal compressor using silica-gel/methanol adsorption system, ICRTES-2018, Feb 20-21, 2018, Visakhapatnam (India)
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  •  “Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar Desalination System Working on Humidification and Dehumidification Technique for Climatic Condition of Central India”, Proceeding of National Conference on Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Climate Organized by Bag Energy Research Society in Collaboration with IIT Delhi and CERD, IIT BHU at Varanasi (U.P) , India, 7th-9th February 2017.
  • "Thermodynamic analysis of Diesel Engine using Producer Gas as secondary fuel", 10th international Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, July 14-16, 2014, Orlando, Florida (USA).
  • Combustion Modelling of Diesel Engine using Bio-Diesel as a secondary fuel” in International Conference on Mechanical and Robotics Engineering (ICMRE'2012), May 26-27, 2012 Phuket.
  • “Performance Analysis of Coal Fired AFBC 30 Tph Boiler and its Losses Improvement methodology” in National conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Jan 28-29, 2011 TPCTC’s  College of Engineering, Osmanabad.
  • “Effect of Excess Air on 30 Tph AFBC Boiler on Dry Flue Gas Losses and its Efficiency” in TECHNOLOGIA 2011- A National Conference, March 10-11th , 2011at MPCCET, Bhilai
  •  “Use and Performance Evaluation of Vertically Reinforced 1-3 Piezoelectric Composites for Active Damping of Smart Laminated Composites Shells” in 54th Conference of ISTAM, 18-22 Dec. 2009.
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  • “Analysis of engine exhaust driven silica-gel/methanol pair adsorption system” in  Energy-2008, NIT Calicut.
  • “Effect of generation temperature on the performance of silica-gel/water pair & zeolite/water pair adsorption refrigeration system” in Nation conference of Renewable energy, 17-18 Dec2007, BIT Mesra.
  •  “Performance study of Bio-Fuel plant for rural electrification” in international conference 15-16 Oct 2007, CMERI, Durgapur (W.B.)
  •  “Recent trends in Biogas plant design for the performance of Dual fuel engine” in NACOEE-05 09-10 Dec. 2005 at Kovilpatti(Tamil Nadu).
  • “Hearth condition of a furnace with reference to hot metal flow” in 32nd National conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power 15-17 Dec-2005, Osmanabad(Maharastra).
Other Info.

PG Thesis Guided:

  1. Designing of Thermal Compressor Chamber for An Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle System working on Silica-gel- Methanol Pair to Palsh Soni(2017).
  2. Design and Experimental Analysis of a Mobile Wind Power Generation System to Ritesh Matlani (2017).
  3. Performance of Constant Weight Functionally Graded Annular Fins of Varying Thickness to Tarakant Bhanu (2017).
  4. A Parametric Study of Functionally Graded Annular Fins having Power Function Geometry with Radiation to Poshan Lal Sahu (2016).
  5. A CFD based Performance Study of Cross-Flow Turbine for Tidal Current Energy Extraction to Abhishek Chandra (2016).
  6. Modeling and Simulation of Solar Adsorption Refrigeration System to Sruthi L. (2015).
  7. Performance Analysis of Solar Air Heater with Different Types of Fin Profiles attached to the Absorber Plate under the Recirculation (2015).
  8. An Approximate Solution of Stretching/ Shrinking Rectangular Plate Fin to Ankit Kumar Verma (2015).
  9. Evaluation of Thermal Properties of Silicone Elastomer Nanocomposites to Govind Sahu (2014).
  10. Investigation of temperature distribution over the pressure tube of nuclear reactor to Shesh Naryan (2014).
  11. A parametric study of Banki turbine using CFD tools to Shashi Chichkede (2014).
  12. A parametric study of orthotropic annular fin with contact resistance to Harpreet Kaur Assi (2013).
  13. Designing of Thermal Compressor Chamber for an Adsorption cooling system using AC and Methanol pair to Atish Meshram (2013).
  14. Parametric Study of Annular Fins for constant weight to Madhusudan Patel (2012).
  15. Combustion Modelling of CI Engine using Hydrogen as a fuel to Animesh Devangan (2012).
  16. Optimization of Annular fins of FGM materials to Vishal Chhugani (2012).
  17. Design of an Air Conditioning System based on Absorption System to Ashish Upadhyay (2012).
  18. Performance Measurement of hydro mechanical Equipment at SHP of Different heads to Atul Tiwari (2011).
  19. Combustion Modelling in Internal Combustion Engine to Prerna Nashine (2011).
  20. Performance and Shape Optimization of Annular Fins with Different Profiles to Manish Mishra (2011).
  21. Performance Analysis Coal-fired 30 Ton/hr AFBC Boiler & its losses Methodology to Harish Ghritlahre (2010).
  22. Thermodynamics Analysis of Cascading Adsorption Refrigeration System to Anirban Sur(2009).
  23. Analysis of Energy Losses to Improve the Efficiency of Coal-fired Boiler by Using Different Method to Santosh Dubey (2009)
  24. “Design of adsorption system using silica-gel/methanol pair” to Manish Kr. Roy(2008).
  25. “Shape Optimization of Annular Fins” to Meenu Munjal(2007)
  26. Design & fabrication of biogas plant and performance study of Diesel & Biogas Dual fuel engine to Pradeep Toppo(2005).

Membership of Professional Societies:

  • Life member of “The Indian Society for Technical Education
  • Associate Member in “Institution of Engineers (INDIA)

Sponsored Project  

  • Designing of a cold Storage and Dehydration plant through Single Solar-Biogas Hybrid System for Tribal States sponsored by MFPI Govt. of India(66.7 lakhs).
  • Design of A Slag Removal Mechanism from the Furnaces sponsored by Real Ispat and Power Limited (3.3 Lakhs).

STTP/Workshop Organized



Organized by



Worked as Convener in Multi Criteria Decision Making and Optimization

Department of Mechanical, NIT Raipur

May 25-29, 2015


Worked as Coordinator  in Application of Numerical Methods and MATLAB Programming in Engineering

MATS University, Raipur

April 7-11, 2017


Worked as Coordinator  in Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques using MATLAB

Department of Mechanical, NIT Raipur

Nov 20-24,2017


Worked as Convener in Enhancing Employbility Skills: Connecting Campus with Corporate

NIT Raipur

Dec 9-13,2017

 Consultancy Work

  • Inspection of solar equipments for JREDA.
  • The Premature Failure of Komatsu makes Engine Model for SECL (2011).
  • Cooling Load Calculation of Indoor Stadium of Raipur for Voltas Pvt. Ltd. (2011).
  • Cooing Load Calculation of a Cold Storage for National Horticulture Board (2017).