Department Department of Mathematics
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification PhD (IIT Madras)
Contact Number 9329691324
Areas of Interest

1. Generalized Inverses of Matrices and Tensors

2. Numerical Radius Inequalities   

Other Info.

My PhD deatils can be found in the following link:


PhD Students:

1. Dr. Chinmay Kumar Giri (Completed 2018)

2.  Mr. Krushna Chandra Panigrahy   (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Reverse order laws  of Tensors)

3.  Mr. Vaibhav Sekhar, (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Matrix splittings and Generalized Inverses)

4. Mr. Nirmal Chandra Rout  (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Numerical Radius Inequalities)


Total No. of Projects: 04 (SERB-02, CSIR-01, CCOST-01)

No. of  ongoing projects: 04