Department Department of Mathematics
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification PhD (IIT Madras)
Contact Number 9329691324
Areas of Interest

1. Generalized Inverses of Matrices and Tensors

2. Numerical Radius Inequalities   


19. On convergence theory of double K-weak splittings of type II with   V. Shekhar and N. Mishra to appear in Applications of Mathematics (2021).

18.  On C-tensor and its application to eigenvalue localization,  with Panigrahy and Pena to appear in Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2021).

17.  Convergence of two-stage iterative scheme for $K$-weak regular splittings of type II with application to  Covid-19 pandemic model with   V. Shekhar and N. Mishra, Preprint

16.  Further results on $\mathbb{A}$-numerical radius inequalities  with N. C. Rout, preprint.

 15.  On Convergence of Two-Stage Iterative Scheme with  V. Shekhar and C K Giri,  The Journal of Analysis (2021)

14.  Numerical solution of large discrete-time markov chains by three-step alternating iteration method with  R.  Nandi and S. K. Samanta, Preprint.

13.  Alternating Stationary Iterative Methods Based on Double Splittings with   A. K. Nandi, V. Shekhar and N. Mishra, To appear in Computers and Mathematics with Applications (2021).

12.  Further results on convergence of three-step alternating iteration scheme with  V. Shekhar,  submitted.

11. A note on a faster fixed point iterative method  with  K. C. Panigrahy DOI:10.22541/au.159144324.43453139

10.  On $\mathbb{A}$-numerical radius inequalities for $2\times2$ operator matrices  with N. C. Rout and S. Sahoo,    Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2020).

9.  On reverse-order law of tensors and its application to additive results on Moore-Penrose inverse with  K. C. Panigrahy, RACSAM (2020)114: 1-17.

 8. A note on double weak splittings of type II with  V. Shekhar and C. K. Giri,  Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2020).

7.  Some A-Numerical Radius Inequalities for Semi-Hilbertian Space Operators with N. C. Rout and S. Sahoo,  Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2020).

6. Convergence Theory of Iterative Methods based on Proper Splittings and Proper Multisplittings for Rectangular Linear Systems with V. Shekhar and C. K. Giri, Filomat (2020)

5. Extension of Moore–Penrose inverse of tensor via Einstein product with  K. C. Panigrahy,    Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2020)

4. Berezin Number and Numerical Radius Inequalities for Operators on Hilbert Spaces  with S. Sahoo and N. Das, Advances in Operator Theory(2020).

3. Three-step alternating iterations for index one and nonsingular matrices with A. Nandi and J. K. Sahoo, Numerical Algorithms   84  (2020) 457483.

2. Reverse-order law for weighted Moore--Penrose inverse of tensors with  K. C. Panigrahy Advances in Operator Theory 5 (2020) 39–63.

1. Reverse order law for the Moore-Penrose inverses of tensors with K. C. Panigrahy and R. Behera,  Linear and Multilinear Algebra 68 (2020) 246-264.

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Referee Duty (Scientific Board):

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi



2. My PhD deatils can be found in the following link:


3. PhD Students:

(i).  Dr. Chinmay Kumar Giri (Completed 2018)

(ii).  Mr. Krushna Chandra Panigrahy   (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Reverse order laws of Tensors)

(iii).  Mr. Vaibhav Sekhar, (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Matrix splittings and Generalized Inverses)

(iv).  Mr. Nirmal Chandra Rout  (Status: Ongoing,    Topic: Numerical Radius Inequalities)


4. Int. MSc Project Guidance:   01


5. Summer Project Guidance:   01

6. Total No. of Research Projects: 05 (SERB-03, CSIR-01, CCOST-01)

No. of ongoing projects: 02 (CRG:SERB, MATRICS:SERB)

No. of  completed projects: 03 (CCOST, YSS:SERB, EMR:CSIR)