Sanjay  Kumar

Department Information Technology
Designation Assistant Professor - I
Educational Qualification B.E.(CSE) M.Tech.(CSE) Ph.D.
Contact Number 9407714701
Areas of Interest

Mobile Computing,Ad-hoc Networks, Sensor Network,DTN


Journal [SCI/SCOPUS]

[1] Pandey, Sudhakar, Ruchi Jain, Sarsij Tripathi, Naresh Kumar Nagwani, and Sanjay Kumar. "KMHSO: k-Means and Harmony Search-Based Optimization Algorithm for Relay Node Selection in Smart Transportation System." National Academy Science Letters: 1-5.

[2]  S. Kumar and S. Pandey, "An improved routing scheme for vehicular delay tolerant network," Int. J. Appl. Eng. Res. ISSN, vol. 11, no. 8, pp. 973-4562, 2016.

[3] S.Kumar, S. Pandey, P. Prasanna, and K. Suraj, "A Hybrid Routing Approach for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network," Natl. Acad. Sci. Lett., pp. 1-5, Jul. 2016.

[4]S.Kumar, A. Singh Mandloi, U. Divya, and S. Pandey, "A study of the behaviour of vehicular delay tolerant network at the partial collaboration of Maxprop routing algorithm with Binary Spray and Wait," IJCSNS Int. J. Comput. Sci. Netw. Secur., vol. 16, no. 8, 2016.

[5]S. Kumar and S. Pandey, “Impact Analysis of Mobility Models on Routing Strategies for Delay Tolerant Networks,” Int. J. Eng. Technol., vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 2418–2430, 2016

[6]P. K. Shukla, A. Khare, M. A. Rizvi, S. Stalin, S. Kumar, and K. H. Knuth, "Applied Cryptography Using Chaos Function for Fast Digital Logic-Based Systems in Ubiquitous Computing," Entropy, vol. 17, pp. 1387-1410, 2015.

International Conferences:

[1]  Nidhi Sonkar, Sanjay Kumar, Poorvi Sharma and Sudhakar Pandey  “Probabilistic Bundle  Relaying Scheme in a Multi Hop Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network” at IEEE-EECCMC Conference, Vellore TN

[2] Sanjay Kumar, Prernamayee Tripathi, Sudhakar Pandey and Kartikey Dwivedi “IMPROVED PROPHET ROUTING ALGORITHM FOR OPPORTUNISTIC NETWORKS” at ICDIS conference, Amarkantak MP

[3] S.Kumar , K.Suraj, and S.Pandey, "Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols for Delay Tolerant Networks" in Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering an Technology, MUCET-2015,Johor Bohru , Malaysia, 2015

[4] “Issues and challenge of routing protocols for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks”,Sanjay Kumar,Sudhakar Pandey, in International Conference for science and technology organized by IJAS at University of London Union held on 4th Nov to 7th Nov 2014 

[5] S. Kumar and A. K. Patel, "An Approach for Feature Detection of Moving Object Using Image Mining." in 2012 International Conference on Networks and Information,ICNI -2012, Bangkok, Thailand, 2012

[6] R. S. Verma and S. Kumar, "DSAPSO: DNA sequence assembly using continuous particle swarm optimization with smallest position value rule," in 2012 1st International Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, RAIT-2012, 2012

Other Info.

 Institute level responsibilities:

        1.  Warden, Hostel-H

        2.  Professor Incharge, Literary Committee 

        3.  Assistant Suprintendant of Examination, ESE

        4.  Member of Anti Ragging Committee 

        5.  Committee member of Eclectika

        6.  Chairman Photography committee  Convocation          

        7.  Committee member Avartan team

        8.  Committee member sports festival SAMAR 

        9.  Prof-In-charge , Guest House( 2012-2015)   

      10.  Prof-In-Charge, Enterpreneurship Cell (2012-2015)


Departemnt Level Responsibilities:

       1.   Convenor, Departmental Academic Committee

       2.   Convenor, Departmental Grievance Committee  

       3.   Convenor, Question Moderation Committee  

       4.   Ph.D. Co-ordinator

       5.   Member  DRC

       6.   Member  DGC

       7.   Faculty coordinator for Third Year students