Varsha  Singh

Department Electrical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification B.E. M.Tech,Ph.D
Contact Number 7587188386
Areas of Interest

Multilevel Inverter, DC to DC converter, optimization methods in power electronics, Application of soft computing  techniques in Electrical Systems for power quality improvement.

AI techniques in computer Networks.



International Journals

1. Sugandh pratap singh, Varsha Singh,V.P.Singh, "Analytic hierarchy process based approximation of higher order continuous system using TLBO algorithm", International journal of dynamics and control, May 2018, pp1-10.

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International Conferences

  1. Mrs.Varsha Singh,Kaushlendra Sharma, “Analysis and Report on Congestion Control Behavior of TCP Versions", WECON-2011,CHITKARA UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH, pp 180-182 ,2011.
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National Journals

Varsha Singh,Dr.A. S. Zadganokar, Prof. A.S.Thoke,”Appplication of Artificial Neural Network to Power Transformer Protection(Short circuit and over loads),Electrical Review,November 2002,pp 13-17

National Conference

  1. Ashok Bhansali, Mrs. Varsha Singh, “Security provision in MANET AODV Routing” 21st National Convention on Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, 4th& 5th February, 2006, SSCET, Bhilai. (Organized by The Institution of Engineers)
  2. Mrs. Varsha Singh, GargishankarVarma, “Distributed Virtual Machine: A system Architecture for Network Computing” National Conference Techno-vision, October 26th& 27th, 2007, SSCET, Bhiali.
  3. Mrs. Varsha Singh, GargishankarVarma, “Security Policy Enforcement in the Antigone System” National Level Technical Conference 2008, SSCET, Bhilai.
  4. Mrs.Varsha Singh, Arpit Jain "A survey on Topology of MLI “ Published in   proceedings of IInd National Confrence  Soft Computing SOFTCOMP'11" VIT university, July 22,23 2011,VELLORE
Other Info.

Membership to Professional Bodies:

  • Member IEEE, USA
  •  Member of Institution of Engineers, India
  • Member, IEEE Women in Engineering
  • Member, IEEE Power & Energy Society
  • Member, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
  • Member,IEEE Industrial Electronics and Drives