Department Computer Science & Engineering
Educational Qualification BTech(CSE)- MMMEC , MTech(Hons-Systems Engg)-IIT BHU , Ph.D (IT)-NIT Raipur
Contact Number 7587071023
Areas of Interest
  • Mobile ad-hoc networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Internet Of Things
  • Soft Computing



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Book Chapter

  1. Prerana Agrawal, Veena Anand, Sarsij Tripathi, Sudhakar Pandey, and Siddhant Kumar. "A Solution for Successful Routing in Low–Mid-Density Network Using Updated Azimuthal Protocol." In International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communications, pp. 339-347. Springer, Singapore, 2019.
  2. Kavita Jaiswal, Veena Anand, " A Survey on IoT based Health Care System: Potential applications, Issues and Challenges " International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Science and Technology: Roadway from Laboratory to Market (ICBEST). Springer, 2018. 
Other Info.

Short Term Training Programs/CEPs/Workshops Attended:

  1. TEQIP-ll sponsered One week  Short Term Course on "Communication Networks"(STC- CN-2013) at NIT Hamirpur.
  2. STTP on "Simulation of Image, Audio & Video with Matlab, OpenCV and Documentation with Latex", (SIMDOC-2015) at MNNIT Allahabad.

Department level activities:

  1. Convener of Departmental Grievance committee as per notice No./CSE/2017/3638. ( Continued in the session 2018-19)
  2. MIS coordinator as per notice No./CSE/2013/1013 ( Continued in the session 2018-19)
  3. Departmental Training and placement coordinator as per notice No./CSE/2016/2755. ( Continued in the session 2018-19)
  4. Faculty In charge for admission for Autumn 2019 (7th semester).
  5. Departmental Faculty in-charge, Public and Media Relation.

 Institute level activities:

  1. Member of anti-ragging committee.
  2. Member of Judging  panel  of ‘CodeUtsava 3.0’ as per notice No./PD/DSW/ CodeUtsava 3.0 2019.
  3. Member of  Invitation  committee  in 9th Convocation  as per notice no.  No./NITRR /DIR/2018/ 1791.