Dr. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui

Department Department of Chemistry
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.Sc. ; Ph.D.
E-Mail kafeela@gmail.com; kasiddiqui.chy@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number 7024651313
Areas of Interest

Area of Specialization:

  1. Crystal Engineering, Metal-Organic Framework, Coordination Polymers,
  2. Hydrogen Bonding, Interaction Studies in Second Sphere of Coordination Complexes. 
  3. Metal-Organic Framework Materials with in-built hydrogen bonding groups-Hydrogen Bonding Interaction Studies on pore surface.
  4. Crystal Engineering and Post-synthetic Modifications in Metal-Organic Frameworks
International SCI Journals (2016-onwards)

1. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, Swati Singh Rajput, Prem Lama

2D hydrogen‑bonded manganese–picolinate coordination network: ionic liquid‑induced synthesis, crystal structure and thermogravimetric analysis

Journal of Iranian Chemical Society, 2017 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s13738-017-1212-z).

2. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui and Prem Lama

"First Orotic acid and Isonicotinic acid based Zn-complex: Hydrothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Thermogravimetric Analysis"

Journal of Structural chemistry (Accepted).

3. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui

"Structural Diversity of Metal-Organic Hydrates: A Crystallographic Structural Data Base Study" Journal of Structural Chemistry (Accepted).

4. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, P. Lama, A.Bienko, D. Bienko

"Magneto-structural Analysis of Metal-Orotato Coordination Complexes Based on N–HO and O–HO Supramolecular Synthon" Polyhedron, 2016,  111, 53-63.

International SCI Journals (2008-2013)

1. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui and E.R.T. Teikink

"A Supramolecular Synthon approach to aid the discovery of architecture sustained by C-H...M hydrogen bonds" Chemical Communications, 2013, 49, 8501-8503. Impact factor: 6.837. (Cited by 13 articles). 

2. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui 

"C-H...Onitrate Synthon Assisted Molecular Assembly of H-bonded Ni(II) and Cu(II) Complexes" Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2013, 66(12), 2039-2050. Impact factor: 2.224. (Cited by 2 articles)

3. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui and Gopal K. Mehrotra

"Zn(Nicotinate)2.4H2O Complexes – A Precursor for ZnO Nanoparticle" . Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2013, 66(10), 1746 – 1752. Impact factor: 2.224 (Cited by 3 articles).

 4.  Shaunak Chakraborty, Ritesh Dubey, Manish Kumar Msihra, Sumy Joseph, Arijiit Mukherjee, Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, Srinu Tothadi, Tejender Singh Thakur, Sunil Varughese.

"Crystal Engineering in the Desiraju Research Group in Bangalore" Crystal Growth and Design, 2012, 12, 4688-4691. Impact factor: 4.720. (Cited by 3 articles).

5. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui 

"1D Hydrogen bonded water in Cu (II)-picolinate coordination polymer: Synthesis, crystal structure and thermogravimetric Analysis" Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2012, 65(12) 4168-4176. Impact factor: 2.224 (Cited by 2 articles)

6. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, G. K. Mehrotra, J. Mrozinski. 

“Cation-templated 2-D Mn(II)-oxalate Framework with an Acyclic Tetrameric Water Cluster. Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2011, 13-14, 2367-2376.(Appeared as Cover Page Article). (Cited by 2 articles)Impact factor: 2.224

7. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, G. K. Mehrotra, R. J. Butcher.

“Molecular Self-assembly of Cadmium-triazolate Complexes via Hydrogen Bonding: Synthesis, Structure and Photoluminescent Properties.' Inorg. Chem. Commun. 2011, 14, 814-817. (Cited by 11 articles) Impact factor: 2.224

8. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, G. K. Mehrotra, J. Mrozinski, R. J. Butcher.

“Anion Assisted Molecular Self-Organization of a Ni(II) Complex Involving Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Synthons as Nodes.”Journal of Molecular Structure, 2010, 964, 18-26. Impact factor: 1.634 (Cited by 6 articles).

9. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, M. Bolte, G. K. Mehrotra.

“Triazole Based Cadmium (II) Anionic Framework with 2-Dimensional Helical Channels: Ionic Liquid Induced Synthesis.” Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2010, 363, 457-463. (Cited by 10 articles) Impact factor: 2.041

10. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, G. K. Mehrotra, R. L. LaDuca.

“Molecular Self-organization of Metal-Complexes into H-bonded Metallo-Supramolecular Network based on R 44 (12) and R 44 (22) Synthons. Polyhedron, 2009, 28, 4077-4083. (Cited by 6 articles). Impact factor: 2.056.

11. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui, G. K. Mehrotra, J. Mrozinski, R. J. Butcher.

“H-bonded Porous Supramolecular Network of a CuII Complex Assisted by Assembled 2D Sheet of Chair Form Hexameric Water Cluster.” European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2008, 4166-4172. Impact factor: 3.12 (Cited by 14 articles).

Other Info.

On-going Ph.D

1. Ashok Kumar Bharati

2. Archana Yadav

Membership of Professional Bodies

(i) Indian Crystallographic Association-Life Time Member (LM656)

Postdoctoral Experience

UGC-Dr. D. S. Kothari, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (July 2010 to December 2012), Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Project Advisor: Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju

Project Title: Crystal Engineering and Supramolecular Synthon Approach for the analysis of the Architecture Sustained by C-H…M Hydrogen Bond

Academic Excellence


 (i) Crystal Engineering Communications (Royal Society of Chemistry).

(ii) RSC Advances  (Royal Society of Chemistry). 

(iii) Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (Springer).

(iv) Main Group Metal Chemistry (Degruyter)

On-Going/Sanctioned  Research Project:


Title: Crystal Engineering and Supramolecular Synthon Approach for Assembly of Hydrogen Bonded metal Complexes.

Funding Agency: SERB-DST, New Delhi India

Amount: 17.88 Lac

Scheme: Start-Up-Grant (Young Scientists)


S.No. No & Title of the Project Co-ordinators Research Grant Year of Sanction Current status

No: NITRR/Seed Grant/2016-17/001


Functional Nanoporous Coordination Polymers: Design, Synthesis and Application

Dr. Kafeel Ahmad Siddiqui 5,00,000.00 2017 On Going