Dr. Prabir   Ghosh

Department Chemical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification Ph.D (IIT KGP), M.Tech (Jadavpur University)
E-Mail prabirg.che@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number
Areas of Interest

Environmental Pollution Control, Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), Wastewater Treatment Techniques etc


International Journal Publications

1.Prabir Ghosh, A. N. Samanta and S.Ray, “ Oxidation kinetics of degradation of 1,4-Dioxane in aqueous solution by H2O2/ Fe2+ system”, J. Env. Sci. Health, A. 2010, 45 (4), 395-399.

2. Prabir Ghosh, A. N. Samanta and S.Ray “COD reduction of Petrochemical industry wastewater using Fenton’s oxidation”, Can J. Chem. Eng ., 2010, 88 (6), 1021-1026.

3. Prabir Ghosh, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, “Reduction of COD and Removal of Zn 2+ from rayon industry waste water by combined electro-Fenton treatment and chemical precipitation”, Desalination, 2011, 266 (1-3),213-217.

4. Prabir Ghosh, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, “Kinetics based on Mechanism of COD Reduction for Industrial Effluent in Fenton Process”, Int. J. Chem. Tech., 2011, 3 (1), 26-36.

5. Prabir Ghosh, C. Kumar, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, “Comparison of a new immobilized Fe3+ catalyst with homogeneous Fe3+-H2O2 system for degradation of 2,4-dinitrophenol”, J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol”,  2012, 87 (7),914-923.

6. Prabir Ghosh, P. Kelapure, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, Determination of Reaction Rate constant for p-chlorophenol and Nitrobenzene reacting with ŸOH radicals during oxidation by Fe(II)/ H2O2 system” Int. J. ChemTech. Res., 2012, 4 (1), 116-123

7. Prabir Ghosh, L. Thakur, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, “Electro-Fenton treatment synthetic organic dyes:Influence of operating parameters and a kinetic study”, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 2012, 29 (9),1203-1210.

8. Prabir Ghosh, R. Kumar, A. N. Samanta and S. Ray, “Decontamination of tannery industry wastewater containing high organic load along with Cr3+: A comparative study by different advanced oxidation processes and chemical treatment”, Asia-Pacific J. Chem. Eng., 2013, 8 (5),645-656.


International Conferences

1. Prabir Ghosh, A.N. Samanta and S. Ray, "Modeling Kinetics of p-hydroxybenzoic acid using Fenton's reagent", ChemBiotech '09-10, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, January 28-29, 2010 (Oral Presentation).

2. P. Kelapure, Prabir Ghosh, A.N. Samanta and S. Ray, "Kinetic Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol by Fenton's Process", Internatinal Conference on Environmental Health and Technology (E, H & T), IIT Kanpur, India, December 27-30, 2009 (Poster Presentation).

3. Prabir Ghosh, L.K. Thakur, A.N. Samanta and S. Ray, "Kinetics of Degradation of Methylen Blue Dye using electro-Fenton Process" Chemical Engineering Congress (CHEMCON), Annamalai Nagar, India, December 27-29, 2010 (Oral Presentation).


National Conferences

1. Prabir Ghosh. S. Pandey, A.N. Samanta and S. Ray, "Kinetic model on the degradation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid using Fenton's reagent and conparison of Experimental results with the model predicted results", Young Researchers'Conference (YRC)' 09-10, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, India, January 15-16, 2010 (Oral Presentation).


Other Info.

Industrial Experience:  Around one year of experience in R & D sector as Manager

Membership in professional societies:

Life Member of IIChE (LAM-36006)

Reviewer of Journals:

1. Chemical Engineering Journal

2. Desalination and Water Treatment

Fellowships and Achivements:

  • Jindal Trust Studentships during my B.Tech for 4 yrs 
  • Qualified in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engiineering (GATE-2005)
  • MHRD fellowship for 4 yrs during my PhD (2007-2011)