Dr.Meena  Murmu

Department Civil Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification Ph.D.
E-Mail meenamurmu@gmail.com
Contact Number 8085857017
Areas of Interest

Structural Engg./ Waste management in cement and concrete construction. Characterization of raw materials of cement and concrete. Optimization in cement and concrete


International Journal:


1        M. Murmu and S.P. Singh, Influence of mineral admixtures on strength and hydration products of lime-activated slag cement, Advances in Cement Research, 2014, 26(6), 334–343.

2        M. Murmu and S.P. Singh, Strength Characteristics of Lime Activated Slag Cement, Advances in Cement Research, 2014, DOI10.1680/adcr.13.00097.

3        M. Murmu and  S.P. Singh, Hydration Products, Morphology and Microstructure of Activated Slag Cement, International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials, 2014, 8(1) ,  61-68

4        M. Murmu and S.P. Singh, Some Studies on Strength and Hydration of Cold Process Cement, International Journal of Advances in Management, Technology& Engineering Sciences, 2012,1 (7), 84-88. 


  International Conference:

1        . M. Murmu and S.P. Singh, Effect of Mineral Admixture on Strength of Alkali Activated Slag Cement, 1st Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Enguneering18-19th March 2013Singapore. 

2        . M. Murmu and S.P. Singh, Hydration Products in Alkali Activated Slag Cement Added With Mineral Admixtures, International Conference on Advanced Materials for Energy Efficient Building Materials, AME2B-2013. 13-15thFebruray 203 New Delhi. 

3        . M.Murmuand S.P. Singh,Strength Characteristics of Cold Process Cement with and without Admixtures, International Conference on Advanced Materials for Energy Efficient Building Materials,AME2B-2013. 13-15thFebruray 203 New Delhi. 

4        .M. Murmu and S.P. Singh,Hydration Mechanism of Cold Process Cement, International Conference on Sustainability Challenges and Advances in Concrete Technology SCACT 2012.pp441-447.2-5th May 2012 Coimbatore. 

5        . M.Murmuand S.P. Singh, Effect of Accelerators on Strength and Hydration Products of Cold Process Cement,2nd International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology (ICAET2012)ISBN 978-1-4675-2245-8 © 2012.28-29th March 2012 Nagpattinum. 

6        .M. Murmuand S.P. Singh, Some studies on   physical and mechanical properties of cold process cement, RITS ICAEM-2012: RITS International Conference on Advancements in Engineering and Technology. 28-29thFebrury 2012 Hydrabad.

7        .Singh, S.P. and Murmu, M. Eco-friendly Concrete using by-products of Steel Industry ,International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER-10) Mauritius.

National Conference and Workshop:


1        . S.P. Singh, M. Murmu, and A. Sharan, Study on Strength Characteristics of fly ash Pozzolanic Cement, NATIONAL WORKSHOP “UTILIZATION OF FLY ASH” on June, 10-11, 2011 . NIT Surat.

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