Dr. R  Periyasamy

Department Bio Medical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification B.E(ECE), M.Tech (Biomedical Engineering-IITMadras), PhD (Biomedical Engineering -IITDelhi).,
E-Mail rperiya.bm@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number 9179826937
Areas of Interest

Biomedical instrumentation, foot Biomechanics, Gait analysis, Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, Non-invasive blood flow monitoring device (PPG), Automated neuropathy detection device, COPD detection using Lung sound signal analysis, filtration system(Artificial Kidney), MR Image analysis, NIRS system(tissue oxygenation), Postural stability using EMG and EEG signal analysis.,<


Yearwise publications

Year 2017

1. J Joseph, R Periyasamy, “An analytical method for the adaptive computation of threshold of gradient modulus in 2D anisotropic diffusion filter”, Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Volume 37, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 1–10 - impact factor:0.808 (SCI journal)

Year 2016

1. Nirala Neelamshobha, R.Periyasamy, Awanish Kumar, "Detection of peripheral arterial disease from photoplethysmograph signal using Burg Autoregressive method" Abstract Accepted for oral presentation in Biterm'16 from April 15-17 ,2016 held at IIT Delhi

2. R.Periyasamy, Richa Poddar, VBN Murthy "Effectiveness of therapeutic footwear sole hardness for prevention of foot ulcer in diabetic patients" Abstract Accepted for Flash/poster presentation in 22nd Congress of ESB lyon 2016 from July10-13 ,2016 held at Lyon,France

3. J. Sivaraman, Sangareddi V, Periyasamy R, Joseph J, Shanmugam RM ," Modified limb lead ECG system effects on electrocardiographic wave amplitudes and frontal plane axis in sinus rhythm subjects" Anatol J Cardiol. 2016 Jun 29. doi:10.14744/AnatolJCardiol.2016.6843.impact factor:0.927 (SCI journal)

 4.  Justin Jospeh, J. Sivaraman, R. Periyasamy, V.R. Simi ," An Edge Preservation Index for Evaluating Nonlinear Spatial Restoration in MR Images",Current Medical Imaging Reviews,2016, Volume 12 (E-pub ahead of print) -impact factor:0.61 (SCI journal)

5. R.Periyasamy, Deepak Joshi, Sneh Anand, "The Role of foot ankle joint mobility and standing plantar pressure distribution variation to diabetic foot ulceration" Accepted for oral presentation in National conference on BIOREHAB 2016 from Sept 15-16 ,2016 held at NEHU Shillong and published in International Journal of Biomedical Engineering

6. R.Periyasamy, Sneh Anand, "A study on Non-invasive blood glucose estimation - An approach using capacitance measurement technique" Accepted for oral presentation in International Conference on SIGNAL PROCESSING, COMMUNICATION POWER & EMBEDDED SYSTEM SCOPES - 2016 from  October 03-05, 2016 in Paralakhemundi, Odisha and published in IEEE Digital Explorer proceedings.       

Year 2015

1. M. Manivannan, R. Periyasamy, Devasahayam Suresh (2015). 'Handheld Isobaric Aesthesiometer for Measuring Two-Point Discrimination', ICoRD’15 – Research into Design Across Boundaries Volume 2Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Volume 35, 2015, pp 675-685.

2. Mrithunjay Ratthore, R. Periyasamy, D. K. Sharma, Manisha Sinha, Sachin Pandey, Somitra Trivedi "Electromyographical Analysis of the Effect of Yoga Posture on the Trunk Muscle Activities and its significance", Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology, April – June 2015;2(2):74-80.

3. Justin Jospeh, J. Sivaraman, R. Periyasamy, V.R. Simi ," Noise based computation of decay control parameter in nonlocal means filter for MRI restoration",Journal of medical imaging and health informatics (Accepted on Sept 2015)-impact factor:0.65 (SCI journal)

Year 2014

1. Periyasamy R, Joshi D,  Anand S (2014). 'A robust system for foot arch type classification from static foot pressure distribution data using linear discriminant analysis'. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Biomedical and Biological Engineering, 1(9), 131.(only Abstract published) .

2.  V. B. Narayanamurthy, Richa Poddar, R Periyasamy  'Biomechanical Properties of the Foot Sole in Diabetic Mellitus Patients: A Preliminary Study to Understand Ulcer Formation'  International Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering (IJBCE) 2014,Volume 3, Issue 1,1-17


Year 2013

1. Periyasamy R, Sonal atreya and Anand S, “Foot pressure distribution differences between young adult and older subject: a biomechanical parameters analysis” International Journal of Bio medical engineering and technology, Inderscience publisher 2013,Vol 13(3),201-217 .

2. Periyasamy R,  Anand S and Ammini A.C, “Prevalence of standing plantar pressure distribution variation in north Asian Indian diabetes mellitus subjects -a study to understand ulcer formation” Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Sage publisher 2013, 227(2), 181-189 -impact factor:1.14(SCI journal)

3. R. Periyasamy and S. Anand, “The effect of foot arch on plantar pressure distribution during standing” Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, (Innovation) Informa Healthcare UK & Taylor and Francis publisher 2013,37(5): 1–6 .impact factor : 0.56(SCI journal)

Year 2012

1. R Periyasamy, Sneh Anand and Ammini A.C., “Association of limited joint mobility and increased plantar hardness in diabetic foot ulceration in north Asian Indian- A preliminary study” Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Sage publisher, April 2012, vol. 226 ,no. 4 ,305-311.impact factor:1.14(SCI journal)

2. Periyasamy R, Anand S and Ammini A.C, “Effect of aging on the hardness of foot sole skin –A preliminary study” The Foot (Edinb), Elsevier publisher, 2012 Jun;22(2):95-9.SCImago Journal Rank:0.367

3. Periyasamy R, Anand S and Ammini A.C, “Investigation of Shore meter in assessing foot sole hardness in patients with diabetes mellitus - a pilot study” International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, Springer publisher, September 2012, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 169-175.impact factor: 0.37(SCI expanded journal)

4. R. Periyasamy, T. K. Gandhi, S. R. Das, A. C. Ammini, and S. Anand, “A Screening Computational Tool for Detection of Diabetic Neuropathy and Non-Neuropathy in Type-2 Diabetes Subjects” J. Med. Imaging Health Inf. American Scientific publisher ,2012, 2(3), 222-229.impact factor:0.65 (SCI journal)

5. Sonal Atreya , Swetambri , R Periyasamy, U Singh and Sneh Anand  “Relationship between auditory rhythm and gait parameters during unilateral load carriage: design study on school children” International Journal of Bio medical engineering and technology, Inderscience publisher 2012,Volume 8, Number 4, 315-325.

6. Periyasamy R, Mishra A, Anand S and Ammini A.C, “Foot pressure distribution variation in pre-obese and non-obese adult subject while standing” The Foot (Edinb), Elsevier publisher, 2012 , 22(4), 276-282 . SCImago Journal Rank:0.367

Year 2011

1. R Periyasamy, Deepak Joshi, Sonal Atreya and Sneh Anand, “LDA-aided threshold to classify neuropathy and non-neuropathy in diabetic patients” International Journal of Bio medical engineering and technology, Inderscience publisher, 2011, Vol. 7, No.4 pp. 315 – 326.

2. Periyasamy R, Mishra A, Anand S and Ammini A.C., “Preliminary investigation of foot pressure distribution variation in men and women adults while standing” The Foot (Edinb), Elsevier publisher, Volume 21, Issue 3, September 2011, Pages 142-148. SCImago Journal Rank:0.367

3. Sonal Atreya , R Periyasamy  and Sneh Anand  “The Effect of Load Distribution on Body Balance and Heart Rate in Children” The International Journal of Sport and Society , CGPublisher 2011, Volume 2(3), pp.1-10.

Year 2010

1. Periyasamy R, Mishra A, Anand S and Ammini A.C “Variation of power ratio over the foot sole areas in obese subjects - A preliminary study”, Endocrinology & Metabolism Journal (The Official Journal of the Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society), Volume 1 Supplement Issue No. 2 December 2010 (Abstract published).

Year 2009

1.  V.B. Narayanamurthy, Periyasamy R, Richa poddar “Surveillance and early detection of altered biomechanical parameters help keeping reconstructed ulcer healed”, European Journal of Plastic Surgery, springer publisher June 2009, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 131-140. impact factor:0.139

Year 2008

1.  Periyasamy R, M.Manivannan, V.B. Narayanamurthy. “Changes in the Two point discrimination and the Law of mobility in diabetes mellitus patients”, Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve injury 2008; 3(3):1-6

2. Periyasamy R, M.Manivannan, V.B. Narayanamurthy. “Correlation between two-point discrimination with other measures of sensory loss in diabetes mellitus patients”, Int J Diabetes Dev Ctries, springer publisher, 2008 Jul-Sep; 28(3): 71–78. impact factor:0.37(SCI expanded journal)

3.  M.Manivannan, Periyasamy R, V.B. Narayanamurthy “Vibration perception threshold and the law of mobility in diabetic mellitus patients”, Primary Care Diabetes. 2009 Feb;3(1):17-21. Epub 2008 Dec 13.impact factor:1.57(SCI  journal)

Other Info.

Employment details: Teaching/Research Experience

SVCET group of college, puliangudi, tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India

      Post held : Lecturer- Electronics & Communication Department

       Tenure : 2002(August)-2005(May)

  • Taught courses like “Digital electronics, Measurement and Instrumentation, Biomedical instrumentation.” Designed course structure and requirements; lectured and administered all grades.
  • Project coordinator for final year B.E (ECE) students at SVCET during my lecturer tenure period.

Sundaram medical foundation, Chennai

       Post held : Research Engineer

      Tenure : 2007(July)-2008(June)

  • Researched issues in diabetic foot ulcer formation and wrote articles on diabetic foot ulcer prevention using new advanced technique

Electrical Engineering at IIT Ropar (Punjab)

      Post held : Teaching Assistant(TA) 

     Tenure : 2009(August)-2009(December)

  • Teaching under-graduate course like Electric circuit theory tutorials for B.Tech students

Biomedical /Electrical Engineering at IITDelhi (New Delhi)

      Post held: Teaching Assistant (TA) 

     Tenure: 2010(August)-2012(December)

  • Teaching post graduate and under-graduate course like Optoelectronic instruments, Emerging biomedical engineering technologies for B.Tech and M.Tech students.


NIT Raipur

Position: Assistant Professor at Department of Biomedical Engg. since 1st July 2013.


  1. Early Carrer Research Award (DST-SERB, Research Grant for 2016-19)
  2. Biodata selected for Bharat Gaurav award by International Friendship society, New Delhi in 2016. 
  3. "Young Faculty Award 2015"  received from Venus International Foundation, Chennai. India

  4. Ph.D. institute Fellowship from Indian Institute of Technology (IITD), Delhi, India for the period of July 2008 to June 2013

  5. Received full financial support from DST, CSIR, and IITD to participate in various scientific / technical activities abroad.

  6. Awarded for Best international technical research poster in IEEE conference at  IITKharagpur, India, April, 27th, 2010.

  7.  Awarded best lecturer award for the course “ Information theory & coding” taught during my lecturer tenure period at SVCET puliangudi, 2004

Sponsored Research Projects (On going)

1. Project entitledDifferential multispectral imaging system to detect foot sole risk areas in diabetic patientsfor a period of three years (2016-2019) funded by Department of Science and Technology - SERB ECR (Rs.18,34,260/-) as Principle Investigator (PI)

2. Project entitledFabrication of hemo-filtration system using novel ceramic membrane to develop a portable artificial kidneyfor a period of three years (2016-2019) funded by Department of Science and Technology(DST) - SERB ECR (Rs.26,88,800/-)  as     Co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI)  collaboration with Dr.D.Vasanth  - Principal Investigator (PI) ,Department of Biotechnology  NIT Raipur

Paper Reviewed

Journal of Diabetic Medicine , Journal of Advance in therapy, Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, Clinical Research on Foot & Ankle, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME), Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy, PLOS ONE

Editorial Board Member

1. International Journal of Biomedical Engineering, iprobe publisher 

2. Journal of Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Technology,  Cosmos Scholars Publishing House


Subject Taught:

Even Semester

  • Optical fiber and laser in medicine, Biomedical instrumentation, Management Science

Odd Semester

  • Biomedical transducer and measurement, Microelectronics and integrated circuits


Workshop/STTP/STC/Expert lectures/Conference Organized

  • Organized a three days Short term course(STC)  on “Linear & Non-Linear signal processing and its application on Biomedical signals” under TEQIP-II sponsor held at National Institute of Technology Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India on Sept 09-11, 2016.(jointly with Mrs Neelam Shobha Nirala) 
  • Organized a two days National Workshop  on “Statistical Data Analysis in Healthcare” under TEQIP-II sponsor held at National Institute of Technology Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India on Oct 30-31, 2015.(jointly with Dr Saurabh Gupta) 
  • Organized a Self-Sponsored Short Term Course on “Recent Research Methodologies and Instrumentation Techniques on Chemical and Bio-Medical Engineering” held at National Institute of Technology Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India on December 15-19, 2014.(jointly with Dr J Anand Kumar)
  • Organized a three days National Workshop  on “Recent Trends in the field of Biomechanics: Application to device development and Surgery Issues” under CGCOST & TEQIP-II sponsor held at National Institute of Technology Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India on Sept 11-13, 2014.(jointly with Dr Arindam Bit)

Members of Professional Body:

  • Life Member of Indian Society of Biomechanics
  • Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association
  • Associate Member of Institute of Engineers (INDIA) 
  • Life Member of Biomedical Engineering Society of India
  • Life Member of Instrument society of India
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Technical Education
  • Annual member of European Society of Biomechanics
  • Annual member of IEEE

Research Group

PhD Scholars

1.Mrs.Neelam Shobha Nirala- joined in Jan 2014(Peripheral arterial disease detection using PPG signal)(As Co-guide jointly with Dr.Awanish Kumar-Dept of Biotechnology)

2. Ms. Nishi Shahnaj Haider - joined in August 2015 ( Deveopment of Lung sound signal acquisition and analysis system)

3. Mr.Justin Joseph - joined in August 2015 (Lung cancer detection using Image processing techniques)

4. Mr.Muzaffar Khan- joined in August 2016 (Neuromuscular disorder disease classiifcation from EMG signal using advanced classifier techniques ) (As Co-guide jointly with Dr.Bikesh Kumar Singh-Dept of Biomedical Engg)

5. Mr. Raghavendra Prasad- joined in August 2016 (Modelling of neurovascular system in diabetic patients ) (As Co-guide jointly with Dr.Arindam Bit-Dept of Biomedical Engg)

Junior Research Fellow

1.Mr.N.P Guhan- joined in Sept 2016  in the research project  " Differential multispectral imaging system to detect foot sole risk areas in diabetic patients".

Collaborators from inside and outside NIT Raipur

1. Prof Sneh Anand -Centre for Biomedical Engineering, IITDelhi

2. Prof M.Manivannan- Department of Applied Mechanics, IITMadras

3.Dr.Mirthunjay Rathore-Department of Anatomy, AIIMS Raipur

4.Dr.Ekta Khandelwal-Department of Physiology, AIIMS Raipur

5. Dr.Kavita S Gupta- Department of Physiology, Pt.JLNMedical college Raipur

6. Dr.S.Ghosh-Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Raipur

7.Dr.Narendra D Londhe- Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Raipur

8. Dr.Tapan Kumar Gandhi-Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi

9. Dr.Deepak Joshi -Centre for Biomedical Engineering, IITDelhi

10. Dr.Dinesh Bhatia- Department of Biomedical Engineering, NEHU Shillong