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Central Library
Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations
  1. Maximum 20 numbers of books will be issued to faculty members and 05 numbers of books will be issued to non-faculty staff. Further 03 numbers of books will be issued to contractual Faculty members on production of copies of their security deposits.
  2. Books to faculty members and non-faculty staff will be issued for maximum one semester only. The issued books must be returned to the library within 07 days of semester break, otherwise no new books will be issued for the next semester.
  3. However, the same book can be renewed for another semester on physical production of books in the library
  4. For issuing books form the library, the person concerned must come to the library personally. Books will not be issued to any other delegated person.
  5. In no case Reference books, periodicals (current and back volumes) and News papers will be issued to Faculty members, staff and students. However photocopy of the Reference books and periodicals (current and back volumes) can be done in the Central Library on paid basis ( Rs 1/ per copy) or in case of non availability of photo copy services in Central library, the same documents can be issued temporarily for 2-3 hours for photocopy on production of valid library card.
  6. 02 numbers of books will be issued to B.Tech students, 03 books to MCA/ M.Tech students and 05 books to Ph.D scholars from the General Library
  7. Books will be issued to students for a period of 30 days and after due date one rupee per book per working day will be collected as late fine. The issued book can be renewed for another 30 days on physical production of book in the library, provided it is not in demand by other students
  8. The late fines of students will be calculated by the circulation staff of the library at the end of each semester and the same will be deposited in the Account Section and after that their library card will be renewed for the next semester
  9. Maximum 04 numbers of books will be issued to ST/SC and OBC students from the Book Bank for one semester only and after due date one rupee per book per working day will be collected as late fine.
  10. In case of books lost by users, a latest edition of same book is to be deposited in the library or else three times of the book value will be collected as fine. The fine will be deposited in the Account section.
  11. In case of library cards lost by users, Rs 20/ (Twenty rupees) will be collected as fine. The fine will be deposited in the Account section.
Rules for using Digital Library
  1. Always ensure use of digital library with valid ID card.
  2. Maintain silence while working in the Digital Library.
  3. Each user at a stretch is allowed only for one hour for computer use in Digital Library.
  4. Keep your mobile switch off or in vibration mode. Do not use mobile phone inside the Digital Library.
  5. Use of secondary storage devices are not allowed without prior permission.
  6. Do not share DL computer with any other peripheral system or computer.
  7. Do not change any of the computer configurations.
  8. Do not download/ install any software from any website
  9. Do not bring any personal computer gadget inside the Digital Library.
  10. In case of any computer operational or access problem, report to the Digital Library in-charge.
  11. Internet and intranet access is limited to academic pursuit only i.e. subscribed online databases/ e-journals/ institute websites/ NPTEL web course/ Open source educational sites and the like.
  12. Users are required to create a folder on the desktop to store the downloaded document temporarily and then take help of DL staff to transfer the same to own storage devices.
  13. Access to orkut, e-mails, google talks, online chatting etc. are not allowed in the DL.
  14. For document delivery services through e-mail, pl. send your mail to library.nitrr@gmail.com