Subhas  Ganguly

Department Metallurgical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification PhD
Contact Number 9433396665
Areas of Interest

Phase Transformation, Alloy Design, Multicomponent System, Computational Materials Science, Engineering Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Soft Computing

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Other Info.

Awards and Achievement

1. Young Engineers Award 2008 MME Division, Institution of Engineers India.

2. Best paper 2010, MME Division, Institution of Engineeris India

3. Visiting Scientist, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa  State University Iowa, USA. 2010

4 Visiting post doctoral fellow, University of Manitoba, Manitoba canada. 2009


Sponsored R&D Projects

1. Study of ageing behaviour of Cu-added austenitic grade stainless steel and modeling of ageing characterstics. IE(I) Research grant, Ref. Project ID UG2014039