Dr. (Mrs.) Anupam  Bala Soni

Department Chemical Engineering
Designation Professor and Director
Educational Qualification B. E. , M. Tech., Ph. D. (Chemical Engg.)
E-Mail absoni.che@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number
Areas of Interest

Fluidization, Semi-fluidization, Separation Processes, Process Dynamic and Control, Membrane Sepration, Waste Water Treatment, Bio-fuels, solid fuels.


In last three years

Published in International/ National Seminar / Conference – 20

Papers Published in National Journal – 04

Paper Published in International Journal – 10

(1)   A.B. Soni, Pooja V. Shrivastava, Decolourization of dye waste water using waste materials of sugar cane industry, Journal of Industrial Pollution control EM International, 26(2) 2010, pp 221-223.

(2)    A.B. Soni, H. Kumar, P.V. Shrivastava, Studies on momentum transfer aspects of Semifludized beds in annular sections, IUP Journal of Chemical Engineering,   Vol. 2(4) December 2010, pp 37.

(3)    A.B. Soni, Pooja V. Shrivastava, H. Kumar a paper titled, Treatment of Rice Mill Effluents for Pollution Control, Journal of Industrial Pollution control, EM International, 27(1) 2011, pp 19-22.

(4)    A.B. Soni, Monisha, Pooja V. Shrivastava, Recovery of Alumina from the Red Mud of Aluminium Industry, International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research (IJCHER) , Vol. 3(1) (2011), pp 1-6.

(5)    A.B. Soni, Pooja V. Shrivastava, Treatment of rice mill effluent for pollution control by Electro coagulation, International Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences, Vol. 2 (1) Dec. 2011- Jan 2012, pp 480-483.

(6)    A.B. Soni, Saurabh Meshram, Decolorisation of Dye waste water using organic / Inorganic Hybridization with Growiva calcium canborte, International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research, Vol.3( 2)  2011, pp 145-152.

(7)    A.B. Soni, A. Keshav, V. Verma, Removal of glycolic acid from aqueous solution using baganse fly cash, International Journal of Environmental Research, 6 (1) 2012, pp 297-308.   

(8)    Pooja V. Shrivastava, A. B. Soni, H. Kumar, Prediction of onset semi-fluidization velocity of three phase Semi- fluidized beds Int. Journal of  Chem. Sci.: 10(4), 2012, pp 2218-2224.

(9)    Pooja V. Shrivastava, A. B. Soni, H. Kumar, Hydrodynamic study of three-phase Semi-fluidized bed of Irregular Particles, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, July 20,2013,  pp. 294-296.

(10)  Pooja V. Shrivastava, A. B. Soni, H. Kumar, Minium semi-fluidization velocity of gas-liquid-solid semi-fluidized beds, Inter. Journal of Chemical Engg. Research, 5(2) 2013, pp. 75.



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