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Department of Chemical Engineering

Name of Lab Facilities Major Equipment Available
Inorganic Process Lab Analysis of Water, Cement and Chemicals Muffle Furnace, Oven, centrifuge, PH meter, Reverse Osmosis Unit, Titration Unit
Mechanical Operations Lab Determination of Mean Dia., Surface Area, Size Reduction Ratio, Energy Consumption; Thickener Study, Filtration Study Rod Mill, Ball Mill, Filter Press, Thumbling Mill, Pebble Mill, Jaw Crusher, Plate & Filter Press, Screens
Instrumentation Lab Determination of pH, TDS, Hardness, ORP, Conductivity, Composition in Gas, Composition in Liquid Digital Analyzer Kit, Oscilloscope, Gas Chromatograph,
Fluid flow Lab Determination of Friction factor, Reynolds no., Pressure Drop, (single/Double/Three phase system), Discharge Coefficient, Time Constant, Equivalent Length Venturi Meter, Orifice Meter, Rotometer, Packed Bed, V-Notch, Square Notch, Hemispherical Tank, Double Pipe Exchanger.
Heat Transfer Lab. Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Single and Multi Pass, Thermal Conductivity, Biot Number, Emissivity Measurement, Stefan Boltzmann Constant Determination Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Evaporator, Boiler, Condenser, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (1-1, 1-2), Geyser, Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit, Thermal Conductivity , Measurement Unit (Solid-Liquid-Gas) , Forced, free Convection unit, Stefan Boltzmann constant determination unit. Pinfin uint
Fuel Technology Lab. Determination of Flash Point, Fire Point, Viscosity, Calorific Value, Ash and Volatile Content of Fuels. Abel's Apparatus, Pensky Martin Apparatus, Redwood Visco Meter, Centrifuge, Drop and Dew Point Apparatus, Calorific Value Analyzer of Gas and Solid
Process Dynamics & Control Lab. Determination of Time Constant of First Order and Second Order System, Microprocessor Based Distillation, Absorption, Extraction Column Simulation Unit, Single Liquid Level Tank, Double Liquid Level Tank, Valve Characteristic Unit, Temperature and Pressure trainer, Temperature Characteristic Unit, Interacting and Non- interacting Unit.
Separation process Lab I Leaching, Extraction, Drying, Crystallization of different systems Cooling Tower, Leaching Unit, Extraction Unit, Rotary Dryer Unit
Separation process Lab II Study of Various Parameters of Distillation/Columns, Determination of Diffusion, Absorption Coefficient, Verification of Rayleigh’s Equation Sieve Plate Distillation Column , Packed Bed Distillation Column, Bubble Cap, Relative Volatility Unit, Steam Distillation Unit, Wetted Wall Column, Mass Transfer with and without Chemical Reaction Unit, Vapor in Air Diffusion Unit
Organic Technology Lab Determination of Acid Value, Saponification Value, Iodine Value of Oils, Soap Analysis DM Water Plant, Water Bath, Oven, Titration Unit
Reaction Engineering Lab Kinetics Study in Packed Bed Column CSTR, Cascade Unit, RTD Studies in Packed Bed, CSTR and Tubular Reactor Packed Bed Column, CSTR, Tubular Ractor, Isothermal Reactor, Cascade CSTR

The department has sophisticated research instruments like Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and various analytical instruments.